Marijuana has been used for both medicinal and recreational purposes for a long time. Nevertheless, a full understanding of the effects of this plant on our health, and how to address the long-term residual consequences of its criminalization in our communities can remain elusive. As preparations and discussions unfold across California and other states around legalized adult use, increasing an understanding of marijuana can assist with achieving desirable and equitable outcomes. Please join CA4Health for a Web Forum series co-hosted by Dialogue4Health to learn more about Marijuana and Our Health; Marijuana and Communities; and Marijuana and Public Health.  


Marijuana and Communities: Criminalization, Impact, and Moving Forward

This session will provide a broad context for the community experience of marijuana criminalization and how we set a foundation for equitable policymaking moving forward.

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Jolene Forman, JD

Staff Attorney

Drug Policy Alliance

Oakland, CA

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Diane Goldstein

Lt. Commander (Retired)

Law Enforcement Action Partnership (LEAP)

Medford, MA

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Juell Stewart, MCP

Communications Director

Hood Incubator

Oakland, CA

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Kristania De Leon

Project Manager, CA4Health

Public Health Institute

San Diego, CA

Kristania De Leon is the CA4Health network’s lead policy staff and Southern California organizer. She works with CA4Health partners to support strategic action with internal and external stakeholders. Kristania brings a background of community engagement, local- and state-level advocacy, and coalition building with the 10-year California Convergence initiative to the…

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