Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders (AAPIs) are the fastest growing racial populations in the United States, and both groups suffer significant health disparities.  We have the opportunity to change our nation’s future health trajectory by working with these fast growing populations to decrease their health risks, by focusing on prevention, multiple determinants of health, and health in all policies.   

This Asian Pacific American Heritage Month (APAHM), the Asian & Pacific Islander Caucus (APIC) for Public Health will continue its advancement of the American Public Health Association’s (APHA) 2015 National Public Health Week’s Call to Action, “Becoming the Healthiest Nation in a Generation.” In order to become the healthiest nation, we need to go beyond health care and transform the way we approach health, by addressing broader issues that affect health – the social and economic environment and the physical environment.

This Web Forum will examine some of the ways a wider look at the issues that impact AAPI health can prove to have important long term benefits as we strive for a healthier status. Specifically, we will discuss:

  • The social determinants of health in the Pacific Islands through the perspective of climate change; and
  • Organizing for racial justice, healthy neighborhoods, and financial stability.

We welcome our global audience of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. For convenience, please find additional time zone information for the live event:

  • Tuesday, May 19, 2015: American Samoa (10:00 AM), Hawaii (11:00 AM), Pacific (2:00 PM), Eastern (5:00 PM)
  • Wednesday May 20, 2015: Chamorro (7:00 AM), Marshall Islands (9:00 AM)


Carmen Nevarez, MD, MPH

Vice President for External Relations and Preventive Medicine Advisor

Public Health Institute

Oakland, CA

Dr. Nevarez has over 36 years of experience as a physician and 30 years as a public health practitioner, having served as the Director of Department of Health and Human Services and Health Officer, City of Berkeley, California, as well as in various clinical settings including Medical Director at La…

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Lisa Hasegawa, SM Public Health

Executive Director

National Coalition for Asian Pacific American Community Development

Washington DC

Lisa Hasegawa is the Executive Director of the National Coalition for Asian Pacific American Community Development (National CAPACD). National CAPACD is the first national advocacy organization dedicated to meeting the housing and community development needs of low income Asian American and Pacific Islander communities across the country. The mission of…

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Emi Chutaro, MPP

Executive Director, Secretariat Staff

Pacific Island Health Officer’s Association

Honolulu, HI

Emi Chutaro is the Executive Director of the Secretariat Staff of the Pacific Island Health Officer’s Association.  She is from the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) and has worked in the Pacific as a health and education professional for the past 16 years. Emi was a Nursing Assistant in Ohio,…

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Elena Ong, PHN, MS

President and CEO

Asian & Pacific Islander Caucus for Public Health

Encino, CA

Elena Ong, PHN, MS, is the President & CEO of the Asian & Pacific Islander Caucus for Public Health, a Governing Council Member at the American Public Health Association, the Vice President of the Southern California Public Health Association, and a member of the California Health Interview Survey's…

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