Our Staff

Carmen Rita Nevarez, MD, MPH

Dialogue4Health Creator and Director
Center for Health Leadership and Practice Director
Public Health Institute Vice President of External Relations

Dialogue4Health is the brainchild of the ever-visionary and always-thinking-bigger Carmen Nevarez. Her inspirational and boundless ideas keep her team motivated, challenged, and...busy! Between her medical practice, community leadership, and numerous roles at the Public Health Institute, D4H has to work hard to contain Dr. Nevarez's massive reach in the field of public health. Her staff is happy to work in the prolific, exciting, and creative environment she builds.

Star Tiffany

Dialogue4Health Producer

Star Tiffany has been with Dialogue4Health from its infancy in 2008, and has a hand in every stage of its development: training the first speakers, assisting the first live audience, greeting the first members of the social network. She is dedicated to the tremendous and continual growth the program, overseeing its administration, Web Forums, social media, and the large community who has joined the conversation. On those rare days when Star isn't tending to D4H, you'll find her taking a walk, at the theater, or speaking perfect French on the continent... while D4H misses her desperately.  


Laura Burr

Dialogue4Health Alumna

Laura Burr joined the Dialogue4Health (D4H) team in 2016. With over a decade of experience in local managed care plan and county public health organizations, Laura brings her passion for health communications to her Webinar Producer role. She helps D4H Web Forums create opportunities for new audiences and experts to engage in critical, timely public health conversations.

Lotta Chan, MEM

Dialogue4Health Alumna

Lotta Chan tackled every challenge at Dialogue4Health with the strength and ferocity of a true rugby player. She lent sound advice, elbow grease, and delicate editing to every aspect of the program before heading to Bolivia to give her considerable talents to rainforest protection. We miss her no nonsense, get-it-done attitude!

Marisel Brown, MSBA, MPH

Dialogue4Health Alumna

Marisel Brown was instrumental in the development of Dialogue4Health. Her grant writing expertise helped to solidify our initial and continued support, and her research skills in the realm of public health are unsurpassed. Marisel has also given her project management talents to various agencies of the Alameda County Public Health Department, the Public Health Institute, and Shemick Consulting. We miss her precise and thoughtful wordsmithing!

Matthew Marsom

Dialogue4Health Moderator Extraordinaire
Public Health Institute Vice President for Public Policy and Programs

Matthew Marsom was the founding moderator for the Dialogue4Health programming, helping establish our identity, brand, and reputation as providers of exciting and compelling content. Matthew’s wit, charm, and depth in the field of public health make him a voice that our audience comes back for time and time again. A Vice President of Public Policy and Programs at the Public Health Institute, Matthew continues to moderate Web Forums for D4H: his superior moderation skills are surpassed only by his uncanny ability to operate every mobile gadget ever made, simultaneously. We can’t miss Matthew, because we won’t let him go. 

Creative Soapbox

Dialogue4Health Designer

Creative Soapbox is a team of clever and savvy designers in Boise, Idaho, who helped us navigate the complicated world of website and branding (re) design. The number of hours they spent learning, strategizing, designing, and implementing on behalf D4H is mind boggling -- and we are so grateful for their hard work. Meet the CreativeSoapbox.com team!

Brown-Miller Communications

Dialogue4Health Advisor

Dialogue4Health wouldn’t exist as it is without the initial advice and support of Brown-Miller Communications. That’s no exaggeration: Brown-Miller actually named the project, as well as providing key ideas about building our concept and reputation. An integrated marketing communications agency in Martinez, California, Brown-Miller has been delivering award-winning work in the field since 1991. Our program was lucky to have started with such talented guardians on its side. Visit the BrownMillerpr.com website and read their blog at BrownMillerpr.blogspot.com.

Paul Stange, MPH

Thank you to Paul Stange for having the vision to support Dialogue4Health's initial development.

Joanna Silber Hathaway, MPH

Dialogue4Health Alumna

Joanna Silber Hathaway has been holding Star's hand through the stress of live production since D4H began in 2008. A video and post-production professional with a background in public health, Joanna takes on production challenges for D4H and PHI.