Fernando Fuentes Jr, EdD

Lead, Inclusion and Diversity, Global Health Fellows Program II

Public Health Institute

Washington, DC

Fernando “Fred” Fuentes, Jr., Ed.D began his professional career as a U.S. Army soldier. His journey, as with so many students, included a non-traditional path that nonetheless provided him the opportunity to maximize his academic and professional success. Along his journey, he was able to celebrate being the first in his family to graduate high school, and then from university. A chance meeting with a professional in the field helped him to find a life-changing opportunity to serve his country again, this time with a leadership position in a global setting. Dr. Fuentes is a former GHFP fellow, working with Mercy Corps in Guatemala providing HIV/AIDS education and empowerment of post-conflict rural indigenous youth. Dr. Fuentes is excited about developing strategies for, and working with, traditionally marginalized populations. He currently leads Global Health Fellows Program II’s strategies for enhancing talent diversity and fostering an inclusive work environment for participants. Among his most humbling service to his community are experiences establishing scholarships, serving on various leadership capacities and being a foster parent to children, two of whom are now a permanent part of his family!

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