Jim Keddy, MA

Executive Director

Youth Forward

Sacramento, CA

Jim Keddy is the executive director of Youth Forward (www.youth-forward.org) and a consultant to social change organizations (ww.jimkeddyconsulting.com). For thirty years Jim has served as a leader in social change efforts in California. He is the former director of PICO California, a statewide association of community organizing efforts, and served as a vice president at The California Endowment, one of the state’s largest charitable foundations. While at The Endowment, he played a primary role in developing the foundation’s youth organizing strategy. He began his work in promoting racial and social justice as a high school and college activist and entered the community organizing field in his early 20’s. He has been a member of several non-profit boards including the boards of The California Endowment, Public Health Advocates and the California Budget and Policy Center. He currently serves on the board of Families Now, a child welfare advocacy organization. He is married to Gina Martinez-Keddy and is the proud father of 2 adult children. He is a worm rancher and a guitar player.

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