Juliet Sims, RD, MPH

Associate Program Director

Prevention Institute

Oakland, CA

Juliet Sims, RD, MPH, is an Associate Program Director at Prevention Institute who supports projects aimed at preventing chronic illness, with an emphasis on local, state, and federal initiatives that foster healthy and equitable communities. She directs the Institute’s policy efforts in California, and collaborates with diverse organizations to embed prevention in governmental practices, increase community prevention and health equity allocations, and advance health and safety policy across sectors. Juliet consults with government agencies, organizations, and philanthropy in California and across the country, providing training and technical assistance to incorporate community prevention approaches into their efforts. As a registered dietitian, Juliet also advises on the development of local food policies, including food procurement, vending, and meals standards. Juliet received her MPH with an emphasis in Nutrition from UC Berkeley.

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