Guam Communications Network

Ginen i ginatdon humuyoeg maolek or adversity breeds beauty. In 1992 typhoons Gay and Omar hit Guam. Stateside Chamorros and other inviduals, desperate for information as to how their friends and relatives on Island were doing, found mainland media coverage to be nearly nonexistent. Under the leadership of Ms. Lola Sablan-Santos, they motivated to coordinate relief efforts to provide supplies and other assistance to the people of the Island. What resulted was Guam Communications Network (GCN). Response from the Chamorro community both on and off Island was immediate. When the crisis on Guam passed the need for an organization to directly provide a focal point in the U.S. still existed. GCN expanded its focus from that of addressing the emergency to that of responding to the needs of stateside Chamorros as well as interfacing with the Island.

GCN, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization is the first stateside Chamorro organization to receive a federal grant from the Administration of Native Americans (ANA). These funds enabled GCN to create the first Chamorro Arts and Cultural Center in the nation. The Center located in Long Beach houses a large number of photographs, artifacts, antiquities and traditional and folk arts from Guam. Visitors from all over the world have toured the Center to learn more about the culture and history of Guam.