On March 4, 2015, Dialogue4Health partnered with Morehouse School of Medicine Partnership for Diabetes Health Equity for the second time to broadcast a Web Forum called “Partnership Essentials for Successful Integrated Diabetes Care.”  The Web Forum was a panel conversation with renowned diabetes experts George Rust, MD, MPH, and Tabia Henry Akintobi, PhD, MPH.

An important theme of the Partnership for Diabetes Health Equity is how hard it is to follow medical advice in the context of one’s actual life:

Medical interventions have been shown to be more successful when they take place through an integrated approach that considers the entire life of the affected individual–and their community. A wider, integrated view of an individual's life can make positive changes more realistic and readily attained. 

While using organizational partnerships to address diabetes from different angles makes sense from the patient perspective, it doesn't happen without it's own set of challenges amongst the organizations:

This Web Forum specifically looked at the value of and challenges associated with combining forces from different angles to address diabetes- and it is a prelude to the work that the Partnership for Diabetes Health Equity will be working on with their upcoming Learning Collaborative:

The Learning Collaborative is looking for subject matter experts, faculty, and participants: learn more about it here.