The COVID-19 pandemic has affected millions around the world physically as well as mentally, but a specific group of people have been enduring a double pandemic. Older adults, many who already endured social isolation prior to COVID-19, are more alone than ever before. This isolation can lead to increased health risks, including those already living with chronic illnesses. In addition, older adults with chronic illnesses who are used to face-to-face meetings with their primary care provider are now forced to rapidly learn and navigate the world of telehealth.

In this Web Forum, we will address the growing issue of social isolation and long-term care in older adults, and the many ways providers are working to combat this issue. The Web Forum will also address the roadblocks of current health management in older adults that have increased due to the shift to telemedicine.


Scott Kaiser, MD

Chief Innovation Officer

Motion Picture & Television Fund

Woodland Hills, CA

Scott A. Kaiser M.D. is a practicing geriatrician and Chief Innovation Officer at MPTF (Motion Picture & Television Fund), a non-profit organization which provides services, support and assistance to the entertainment industry community. In this role, Dr. Kaiser leads efforts to improve population health and well-being through social and community-based…

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Malcolm Fisk, PhD

Expert Advisor on Digital Health Strategy

World Health Organization

  • Senior Research Fellow, De Montfort University, Leicestershire, United Kingdom

Dr Malcolm Fisk is Senior Research Fellow at De Montfort University, Leicester (United Kingdom). He is an Expert Advisor the World Health Organization for their work on Digital Health. His work, over more than 30 years, has focused on the use of technologies by older people. He has led two…

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Kari Olson

Chief Innovation and Technology Officer

Front Porch

Los Angeles, CA

Kari Olson is the chief innovation and technology officer (CIO) of Front Porch, one of Southern California’s largest not-for-profit providers of senior living communities. She also serves as the president the Front Porch Center for Innovation and Wellbeing (Front Porch Center), founded on a belief that technology innovation plays an…

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Davis Park

Vice President

Front Porch

Los Angeles, CA

Davis Park has been developing and managing FPCIW’s technology initiatives and programs since 2011. The FPCIW is a center of excellence in Front Porch, a Southern California nonprofit provider of retirement living communities and affordable housing. Davis has over 20 years of program development experience in technology program design, testing,…

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Helle Spindler, PhD

Associate Professor

Aarhus University

Aarhus, Denmark

Dr. Spindler is an associate professor of Clinical Psychology at Aarhus University, where she has been carrying out research in psychotraumatologoy and psychological aspects of cardiac disease and rehabilitation for 10 years, with 30+ published papers within these fields. Dr. Spindlers research focus in psychotraumatology has especially been on dissociative…

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