Across the country, a growing number of local health agencies and community organizations are reorienting their work to intentionally advance health equity. In some of these locales, health leaders are partnering with community organizations to build power and momentum for systemic change—fundamental change in policies, processes, relationships, and power structures, as well as transformative shifts in deeply held values and norms—to address structural factors that have produced health inequities. This systems approach to developing comprehensive solutions is not yet the norm. Developing such an approach—one that addresses the interrelationships of multiple factors—may create some of the biggest opportunities to achieve health, safety, and wellbeing, and reduce health inequities.  

During this web forum, Prevention Institute will share its System of Prevention framework, which explains how systems shape health and equity and builds on lessons learned from prevention and health equity initiatives that have dramatically increased the length and quality of people’s lives. The event will also feature leaders of HIP-Cuyahoga, a county-wide health improvement partnership of over 100 agencies, community groups, and organizations that are taking a systems approach to advancing health equity and racial justice. The web forum is designed to encourage health practitioners and their partners to think about how they can work together to redesign systems and intentionally produce health, safety, and equity.


Registration is free and closed captioning is available to all attendees. This event will be of particular interest to staff of local and state health departments, nonprofit / CBO leaders, as well as public health researchers.


Juliet Sims, RD, MPH

Associate Program Director

Prevention Institute

Oakland, CA

Juliet Sims, RD, MPH, is an Associate Program Director at Prevention Institute who supports projects aimed at preventing chronic illness, with an emphasis on local, state, and federal initiatives that foster healthy and equitable communities. She directs the Institute’s policy efforts in California, and collaborates with diverse organizations to embed…

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Greg Brown, MS

Executive Director


Cleveland, OH

  • Co-Chair, HIP-Cuyahoga, Cleveland, OH

Gregory L. Brown, MS, is the executive director of PolicyBridge a nonprofit, non-partisan public policy research and advocacy “think and action tank” in Northeast Ohio. He is also the president of Brown & Associates Consulting Services which provides services to philanthropic, public and nonprofit organizations. Mr. Brown has more than…

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Heidi Gullett, MD, MPH

Associate Professor, Center for Community Health Integration

Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

Cleveland, OH

  • Medical Director, Cuyahoga County Board of Health, Cleveland, OH
  • Co-Chair, HIP-Cuyahoga, Cleveland, OH

Dr. Heidi Gullett, MD, MPH, is a family and public health/preventive medicine physician at the Center for Community Health Integration at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine where she teaches health professions students and residents. Her research heavily focuses on helping people move out of poverty, especially in the…

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La’Quana Williams, MPH

Associate Program Manager

Prevention Institute

Los Angeles, CA

La’Quana Williams, MPH, is an Associate Program Manager at Prevention Institute. Utilizing a health equity framework, La’Quana works across numerous project and focus areas including the California Approach and Health Equity Teams. Additionally, La’Quana supports consultation intakes and delivery of training and technical assistance. La’Quana received her Masters of Public…

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