Join us for an audience-driven Web Forum! We’ve gathered together a group of former GHFP fellows and interns who are excited to spend 60 minutes talking about their career paths and answering your questions. What is it like to be a technical advisor at USAID? How can I start my global health career? Do I have what it takes to work in international development? Take a minute to think about the questions you would ask if you had the chance.

Join us for a complimentary Web Forum featuring a gifted group of professionals with a diverse range of experiences and areas of expertise, including: Antoinette ‘Toni’ Craig, HIV/AIDS Care and Treatment Intern; Cecilia Vu, Health Research Analyst Intern in the Office of Maternal and Child Health; Dr. Fred Fuentes, Public Health Integration & Development Advisor in Guatemala; and Jennifer Mason, Health Advisor in the Bureau for Asia and the Middle East. Find out what they are doing now! Important: Submit your questions in advance to help shape the discussion. You can also submit questions during the event.

Closed captioning will be available for this Web Forum.


Antoinette Craig, MS

HIV Health Educator

Inova Juniper Program

Springfield, VA

Antoinette Craig has a public health career which spans multiple continents. She began her global health (GH) career in the Peace Corps in 2003 where she served as a Sanitation Coordinator working to bring clean drinking water to beneficiaries in rural Nepal and in 2005 as a Health Education Facilitator…

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Fernando Fuentes Jr, EdD

Lead, Inclusion and Diversity, Global Health Fellows Program II

Public Health Institute

Washington, DC

Fernando “Fred” Fuentes, Jr., Ed.D began his professional career as a U.S. Army soldier. His journey, as with so many students, included a non-traditional path that nonetheless provided him the opportunity to maximize his academic and professional success. Along his journey, he was able to celebrate being the first in his…

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Jennifer Kaindi, MBA

Lead, Recruitment, Global Health Fellows Program II

Public Health Institute

Washington, DC

Jennifer Kaindi, MBA, has more than seven years of international recruitment experience specializing in the recruitment of international development professions and in particular, global health. Jennifer received her MBA from Morgan State University and her BA in Psychology from Lincoln University. As the Lead for Recruitment with the Global Health…

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Robert Leone

Outreach & Communications Special Advisor, Global Health Fellows Program II

Public Health Institute

Oakland, CA

Bob has worked in communications and outreach in the global health arena for nearly 13 years. In his current position with GHFP-II he is responsible for strategy and staffing of outreach events around the country including conferences, career fairs, information sessions and virtual events such as webinars and video sessions.…

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Jennifer Mason, MPH

Senior Family Planning/HIV Integration Advisor, Office of Population and Reproductive Health, Global Health Bureau


Alexandria, VA

Jennifer Mason is a Public Health professional with more than 15 years of experience in reproductive health, maternal and child health and HIV/AIDS programming. Her area of expertise is in program design and implementation of family planning and HIV/AIDS services. She has undergraduate degrees in Biology and Health Education and…

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Cecilia Vu

MPH Candidate, Epidemiology

Boston University School of Public Health

Boston, MA

During my summer internship at USAID, I helped produce USAID’s Health-Related Research Report 2012-2013, a report that chronicled USAID’s $170 million/ year research investments across various global health agendas (e.g. effective malaria nets, innovative HIV/AIDs treatment, and cost-effective medicines to treat newborn infections). It was a fantastic way to know…

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Sylvie Rousseau

Outreach, Communications, and Social Media Assistant, Global Health Fellows Program II

Public Health Institute

Oakland, CA

Sylvie Rousseau is the Outreach, Social Media, and Communications Assistant with the Global Health Fellows Program II, where she helps coordinate a nationwide program of outreach, focusing in enhancing knowledge of and skills for careers in global health for underrepresented populations. She has two years’ experience in the global health…

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