This Web Forum is the fourth in a series of Web Forums sponsored by the California Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) in collaboration with the Public Health Institute, the Center for Health Improvement, and the California HealthCare Foundation. The purpose of the series is to demonstrate how OSHPD datasets and data products can be used to support the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

This Web Forum will focus on the ACA requirement for community health needs assessment and will provide participants with a conceptual overview of the process, a description of OSHPD’s hospital community benefit planning activities, a review of the data and tools that are available to support community health needs assessments, and will present “lessons learned” by the San Francisco Public Health Department when it engaged in this process. At the conclusion of the session, participants should have:

  • a framework for conducting a needs assessment at the local level and translating the assessment into health improvement;
  • an understanding of who the stakeholders are, opportunities for strategic collaboration, and the advantages of consolidating efforts among stakeholders; and
  • information on OSHPD data sources and other resources for needs assessment.


Kevin Barnett, DrPH, MCP

Senior Investigator

Public Health Institute

Oakland, CA

Kevin is a Senior Investigator at the Public Health Institute.  He has led research and fieldwork in hospital community benefit and health workforce diversity at PHI for over two decades, working with hospitals, government agencies, and community stakeholders across the country. 

Recent work includes a national study of…

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Ron Spingarn

Deputy Director, Healthcare Information Division

Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development

Sacramento, CA

Ron Spingarn oversees the collection, release and public reporting of healthcare quality and financial data by OSHPD’s Healthcare Information Division. Since 2000, healthcare policy positions for the State of CA that he has held include Legislative & External Affairs Director for the board administering the Children’s Health Insurance Program (2006-08),…

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Amy Max, MPH

Senior Public Health Analyst

Public Health Institute

Oakland, CA

Amy Max, MPH, is Senior Public Health Analyst with the Public Health Institute in Oakland, California. She leads many aspects of PHI’s population data strategy including the design and implementation of a customized data, communications and content management system for CA4Health, the CDC Community Transformation Grant awarded to PHI. She…

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Tomás Aragón, MD, DrPH

Health Officer

City & County of San Francisco

San Francisco Department of Public Health

Dr. Aragon is the Health Officer of the City & County of San Francisco, and Director of the Population Health Division at the SF Department of Public Health. As health officer, he exercises leadership and legal authority to protect and improve health and health equity. As PHD Director he oversees…

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Carmen Rita Nevarez, MD, MPH

Sr. Vice President for External Relations and Preventive Medicine Advisor

Public Health Institute

Oakland, CA

  • Director, Center for Health Leadership and Practice, Public Health Institute, Oakland, CA

Carmen Nevarez, MD, MPH, is PHI's Senior Vice President for External Relations and Preventive Medicine Advisor and the Director of the Center for Health Leadership and Practice. A long-standing voice for the public's health, Nevarez is responsible for developing relationships with health and public health organizations and interests, advocating for…

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