Understanding Marijuana: A look at the scientific findings, history and community impact, and equitable public health opportunities

Marijuana has been used for both medicinal and recreational purposes for a long time. Nevertheless, a full understanding of the effects of this plant on our health, and how to address the long-term residual consequences of its criminalization in our communities can remain elusive. As preparations and discussions are unfolding across California and other states around legalized adult use increasing an understanding of marijuana can assist with achieving desirable and equitable outcomes. Please join CA4Health for a Web Forum series co-hosted by Dialogue4Health to learn more about Marijuana and Our Health; Marijuana and Communities; and Marijuana and Public Health.


Marijuana and Our Health: What We Do and Don’t Know

This session will explore the scientific information available about the effects of marijuana use on our health, the challenges in getting a full picture, and how states that have legalized marijuana continue to research and monitor these effects.

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Robert Wallace, MD, MSc

Professor, College of Public Health

The University of Iowa

Iowa City, IA

Dr. Wallace is the Irene Ensminger Stecher Professor of Epidemiology and Internal Medicine at the University of Iowa.  He is particularly interested in the prevention and control of disabling chronic illnesses in older people.  He served on the National Academy of Medicine, Health and Medicine Division’s committee that evaluated the…

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Daniel Vigil, MD, MPH

Project Manager, Marijuana Health Monitoring and Research Program

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

Denver, CO

Dr. Vigil is a Preventive Medicine Physician working at the Colorado Department of Public Health leading the Marijuana Health Monitoring and Research Program.

The Marijuana Health Monitoring and Research Program:

  • Monitors marijuana use patterns and potential health impacts in Colorado, using state and national surveys, hospitalization and emergency department…

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Susan Watson, MPH

Program Director, CA4Health

Public Health Institute

Oakland, CA

Susan Watson is currently the Program Director for the CA4Health community of practice. Previously, she was the manager for Public Health Institute’s Community Transformation Grant where she provided programmatic oversight for all strategic directions. Susan has over 17 years of experience in various sectors of public health that has included…

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