A business’s most important asset is its employees. And, increasingly, the health of a business depends on the health of its employees. Our country is grappling with a health crisis of astonishing proportions, and 50 percent of company profits go toward health care costs.

Building health in the workplace is critical, but what happens when employees go home can influence their health even more – and can undermine workplace investments in a healthy workforce. Employers, traditionally generous to their local community’s needs, have a stake in the community’s overall health. A healthier community makes for healthier, more productive employees and lowers health care costs.

Prevention Means Business, an infographic produced by the Public Health Institute in partnership with the American Public Health Association, graphically illustrates the connection between healthy places and thriving businesses. View it here: www.phi.org/resources/?resource=prevention-means-business

Join us for this to discuss how businesses benefit by supporting health—in the workplace and in the community.


Stephanie Carillo, MAS, RD

Retail, Worksite and Physical Activity Integration Programs Manager

Network for a Healthy California

Sacramento, CA

Stephanie Carillo, M.A.S., R.D. is the Manager of the Worksite, Retail and Physical Activity Programs for the Network for a Healthy California, a public health initiative led by the California Department of Public Health and administered by Public Health Institute.

She is responsible for managing statewide efforts…

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Caryol Hendricks

Executive Director

Employers’ Health Coalition

Fort Smith, AR

Caryol Hendricks serves as the Executive Director of Employers’ Health Coalition (EHC). EHC is a non-profit organization of self-insured employers in the Hot Springs and Fort Smith market. Ms. Hendricks has served in that capacity since the foundation of the Coalition in 1994. Prior to that, she was the Executive…

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Shawn McIntosh

Project Manager, Community Transformation Grant
Center for Public Health Policy

American Public Health Association

Washington, DC

Shawn McIntosh is the American Public Health Association’s Project Manager, Community Transformation Grant (CTG) in the Center for Public Health Policy Unit. In this position, she is working to increase awareness and use of system and environmental change prevention strategies across various sectors that influence chronic disease risk behaviors. Ms.…

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Ann Whidden, MPH

Director, Communications

Public Health Institute

Oakland, CA

Ann Whidden is Director of Communications at the Public Health Institute, where she leads communications strategy, messaging and framing development and media outreach efforts. She has twenty years’ experience as a health and communications professional, working with progressive corporate and non-profit clients to create compelling strategies that amplify best practices,…

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Matthew Marsom

Vice President, Public Policy and Programs

Public Health Institute

Oakland, CA

As Vice President for Public Policy and Programs for the Public Health Institute (PHI), Matthew works to advance and support the public policy goals of the organization’s domestic and global health programs. He is responsible for designing and implementing strategy for monitoring and influencing public policy, legislation and regulations affecting…

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Date Published: Thursday, September 18, 2014

Prevention Means Business