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Thursday, 10:00AM11:00AM Pacific Time

Colliding Crises: Saving Lives by Addressing Historical Trauma

Presenters: Charmaine Kinney, Brooke Briggance, Brandon Jones

Current treatment systems frequently fall short by not addressing these historical injustices and trauma. Join us to learn how to partner effectively, and what strategies look like in action.

Upcoming Web Forum

Wednesday, 8:00AM9:30AM Pacific Time

Addressing Health Equity in Cancer Prevention: Spotlight on Radon in Kentucky

Presenters: Kristian Wagner, Rachel Landauer, Sophia Breggia, Clay Hardwick, Shannon Baker, Kyle Hoylman, Stacy Stanifer

Join the Kentucky Cancer Consortium, the Center for Health Law & Policy Innovation, and Kentucky’s foremost experts on radon and public health for a discussion on leveraging radon policy to promote health equity.

Upcoming Web Forum

Thursday, 10:00AM11:30AM Pacific Time

How to Research, Design & Disseminate a Social Media Health Campaign: The Drink Less for Your Breasts Initiative

Presenters: Sharima Rasanayagam, WIlliam Kerr, Priscilla Martinez, Diane Schmidt

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